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One Day In NY, Come On Tour With Me.

Dienstag, Mai 4th, 2010

[Achtung Fremdsprache]
I already published a photo gallery on behalf of this topic on my facebook site already, now I don’t want to hold it back from publicity, “Wow guys, stay back, don’t push!” I just want to invite ya’all to spend a day in New York City with me, come on tour with me, but furthermore let those impressions flash on your eyelids before the text continues:

[Vorsicht, verständlich]
Ich habe bereits eine Fotostrecke zu diesem Topic auf meiner Facebook-Profilseite veröffentlicht, nun möchte ich sie nicht mehr der Allgemeinheit vorenthalten, nicht so viel Andrang bitte… Ich möchte euch einladen mich ein Tag in NY zu begleiten, lasst euch vorerst diese Impressionen über die Augenlieder gehen bevor es weiter im Text geht:

[Achtung Fremdsprache]
This is pretty much a snapshot of what happened till the afternoon. First of all, let me take you with me down the 5th Avenue to get to the Apple Store, but before we get there, I just felt like dancing:

[Vorsicht, verständlich]
Diese kleinen Schnappschüsse zeigen den Tagesverlauf bis zum Nachmittag. Lasst mich euch zu allererst auf ein Tänzchen einladen als ich auf dem Weg zum Apple Store auf der 5th Avenue war:

Das passiert, wenn man die Seele NYs inhaliert. Man beobachtet sorgenfreie Menschen die neben dir auf der Strasse vorbeiziehen, komplett befreit, geben einfach einen Fi** darauf was andere von ihnen denken und schreien lauthals heraus was ihre Kopfhörer ihnen in die Seele injizieren, ich kann nur sagen, dass das sehr ansteckend wirkt. Weiter geht’s zum Apple Store, was eine Enttäuschung, nur so nebenbei erwähnt, ca. 10 Blocks vom jetzigen Standpunkt, auf geht’s:

This is what happens when you inhale the spirit of NY, seeing people passing you by, completely free, not giving a fu** what others think about them, screaming out what their headphones inject them right into the soul, all I can say is that it really was contagious. On it goes to the Apple Store, what a disappointement just to mention, about 10 blocks away from this location, here we go:

After that I’ve been in the Apple store for about 3 hours checkin life back at home and writing something:

Daydreamin 24/7

Great experience on my way to the Apple Store on 5th Ave again.
At least there is free power supply for my iPhone.
Know now what it feels like to inhale the so called “American Dream”.
Feels great, just great.
Hope to take it over.
Definitely feels like dancing.
Set it free.
Let your taughts become real.
Be real.
Try to keep it real.
Try as hard as you can go.
When you feel like on the wrong track, press the shuffle button.
Music will help you heal your soul.
Think of the ones who are real for you, and only for you.
Be polite, be in the sky, be like what the scheiss, but just try to keep it all together.
If everything seems to fall apart you will find shelter somewhere.
Think of the ones you love.
Better tho think of those who probably could love you.
Try to get better so they will.
Try to be the best person you can be.
Try to be as poetry.
Try to feel like it is the real thing, like you inhale the spirit straight into your soul.
Just be who you be.
Who you think you can become.
Work for it.
Work even harder for it.
Be like this is from the heart point blank, period, 24/7, insomnia!
If you will feel like you have never felt before you know it’s the right path.
Keep on struggelin when things get you down again.
But always remember how it can feel everytime again.
Be pure, be who you want to be.
Make a change.

Feel like dancing in the Central Park where you can gain great experiences between getting lifted and lost. Feel like still caring about how you may be perceptioned by others, by the ones you love & love you back.

Figure who you are, get on a plane, gain experiences in different cultures, in different states of minds. Figure the feeling or the track, it is all about just you and the people that care.
Go out and figure the soundtrack to your life, make a mixtape, or make it all by just yourself.

Definition of STARstruck

Donnerstag, April 15th, 2010

Let me first just express this real quick in one picture:

Now feel free to watch a video by one of my favorite rappers and one of my favorite vodkas, this is clarity, pure inspiration:

-That STARstruck Kid; J*

“Der ist doch verrückt, dieser Idiot!”

Freitag, Mai 29th, 2009

Einfach nur gucken: