If you’re in struggeling times, there’s always recovery… Charlie St. Cloud, Remember Me, Recovery.

Juli 6th, 2010

I love Marshalls soul since the first EP. I appreciate him for not quitting and keepin’ spitting and moving on. You’re unique. 1 L0V3 Duty!

Robert Pattinson at it’s best.
He deserves an Oscar for this performance!

Zac Efron at it’s best.
He deserves an Oscar for his perfromance!

-Oh yeah, have a nice fuck you day.

Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys!

Juli 2nd, 2010


-aPish aka MONk KiD aka monkey styLes aka monkeyshit.de aka der Affe von nebenan aka ich pflück dir die Kokosnüsse von deiner Palme aka mein Job ist Bananen biegen aka du weisst schon wer.


Juni 25th, 2010

Remembering MJ.
Remembering Farah.
Remembering Patrick Swayze.
Remembering Freddy Mercury.
Remembering Norma Jean.
Remembering Doga.

Happy anniversary man; http://blog.starstruck.at/2009/06/rip-michael-jackson/


Juni 21st, 2010

Aus einem Video, das SmäiF für mich in London aufgenommen hat, ist heute ein Track entstanden, zieht euch das Happening rein!

& hier der Track zu dem ganzen:

Team Jakub – Twilight

-Team Jakub

It’s Just Dark Some Times.

Juni 18th, 2010

E3 XBOX 360 Booth Walkaround

Juni 17th, 2010

There you go:

I rather look fwd 2 the Bungie area which hopefully will be available at the Colognes GamesCom this year!
-A STARstruck gaming KiD.

It’s MUSEik

Juni 13th, 2010

I got emotional on this one…

-A music lovin’ Kid

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Juni 8th, 2010

-Vowels like Wow

iPhone 4G

Juni 8th, 2010


(Double Click the Images To Let The Video Play!)


And here are some facts on the Evo, 4G and Droid:

Evo VS 4G VS Droid

Evo VS 4G VS Droid

-A KiD who felt in LOVE with Apples again.

Starvo & SmäiF – Kaitoo Kid

Juni 7th, 2010

Ein Tribute Track für einen Freund.

Starvo & SmäiF – Kaitoo Kid

-Deine Freunde.