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CRO – Easy Mixtape

Freitag, Dezember 2nd, 2011

Nach “längerer” Zeit mal wieder ein Rapdate:
Vom jungen Überflieger “CRO” is heute das neue Mixtape “Easy” erschienen. Hier vorerst ein Audiovisueller vorgeschmack:

Downloadlink von der Chimperator Seite.


Eminem – Love The Way You Lie

Freitag, August 6th, 2010




Mittwoch, Juli 14th, 2010

-Adrenaline Kid

Eminem – Love The Way You Lie (Live)

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

Expressing Thaughts…

If you’re in struggeling times, there’s always recovery… Charlie St. Cloud, Remember Me, Recovery.

Dienstag, Juli 6th, 2010

I love Marshalls soul since the first EP. I appreciate him for not quitting and keepin’ spitting and moving on. You’re unique. 1 L0V3 Duty!

Robert Pattinson at it’s best.
He deserves an Oscar for this performance!

Zac Efron at it’s best.
He deserves an Oscar for his perfromance!

-Oh yeah, have a nice fuck you day.


Montag, Mai 31st, 2010

Wer hören will hört, wer keine Lust hat lässt es ;]

[X05] Montana Maroc Feat. Starosta Freestyle Session Pt. 1
[X06] Montana Maroc Feat. Starosta Freestyle Session Pt. 2
[X07] Starvo Feat. SMäiF – BMW Oder Fahrrad

-Gruss aus dem Rapcave!


Samstag, Mai 15th, 2010

Wer rettet Rap mit mir?


[UPDATED] STARstruck recommends: Mac Miller

Donnerstag, April 29th, 2010

You better watch out for that kid Mac Miller, he’s burnin’ it up!
He’s about to release “A Day In The Life”, which will be a guided documentation consisting of four short filmes giving you the possibility to hang out with Mac and his gang. Videos are made by “Rex Arrow Films”, who basically is his friend TreeJ. (Check out the Update below!) They’ve just released a little teaser for this happening, check it out carefully:

The Instrumental you’re listening to in this teaser is called “Pen Game”. It’s a Bonus Track on Mac Millers outrageous Mixtape “The High Life” featuring “Skyzoo” being produced by “Millz Beats”. You better directly DOWNLOAD his Mixtape right HERE.

Another song I was listening to on my trip to NY was “Live Free”, also included on THAT Mixtape. Check out the video, great thing!

-Your Good Music Loving And Info Spreading STARstruck kid, J*


Rex Arrow Facebook Screenshot

Rex Arrow Facebook Screenshot

I made a mistake wrting that TreeJ shoots and directs the Videos, my mistake!

Tthe man behind this wonderful footage, fine cuts and great editing is “Ian Rex Arrow Wolfson”. I am sorry for that mistake, I should have gotten taht by regarding the splashscreen during all the videos!